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Course details

This powerful course features 52 lessons in Christian living. It can be broken up into sections and used as a new converts course, an advanced discipleship course, a Sunday School series, a Home Schooling or Bible Institute course, or preaching outlines.

The lessons are thorough and very, very practical. In fact, there is vast deal more depth than other courses we have seen, yet a basic simplicity is retained throughout.

Method of course delivery

This course is going to be run predominantly through our church website and part of the course is already uploaded and ready to be reviewed. There will be no “in class” time but rather it will be self study with the goal of getting through one lesson per week. If a student gets behind they have the opportunity to catch up with the rest of the group. This course can be used to augment one’s own personal devotions and possibly even their family devotions. Some already own paper copies of the course and are going to use those copies to study from.


At the end of every lesson there is a quiz. For those doing the paper copy they can choose to write their answers down on paper and scan/email it to Pastor Gregory Vaal. For those taking the course through the church website they can take the electronic quizzes which are made up of multiple choice, short answer, matching and true or false questions. Once a person has completed the online quiz the program will automatically mark the course.

Course purpose

Each person in our congregation is at a different place in their spiritual walk with God. Some have been saved for many years and some for a shorter while. If you have been saved for some time this will be an opportunity to brush up on a few areas and give you a chance to go through the discipleship program our church predominantly uses so you can disciple people in the future with this program. If you are a newer Christian this will give you an opportunity to find out what we believe and see the scriptural basis for those beliefs and to get grounded solid in God’s Word.


This course is being offered for those a part of the Berean Baptist Church Ministry. We hope that people of all ages and levels of spiritual maturity will take it including the older children and youth. It is so important for youth to not only know the truth but to be convinced of it by the what the Word of God actually says. Each parent will need to decide if their child is ready to tackle something like this but we believe that children as young as 10 may be able to benefit from this course. Those currently taking the ABC’s of Christian Growth course are encouraged to complete that program.

Table of Contents

1. Repentance
2. Saving Faith
3. The Gospel
4. Evidence of Salvation
5. Baptism
6. Eternal Security Part 1
7. Eternal Security Part 2
8. Eternal Security Part 3
9. Position and Practice
10. The Law and the New Testament Christian
11. Christian Growth & Victory Part 1
12. Christian Growth & Victory Part 2
13. Christian Growth & Victory Part 3
14. Christian Growth & Victory Part 4
15. Prayer
16. Faith for Christian Living
17. The Armor of God
18. The Church
19. The Bible Part 1
20. The Bible Part 2
21. The Bible’s Proof Part 1
22. The Bible’s Proof Part 2
23. Daily Bible Study
24. Principles of Bible Interpretation
25. Foundation Bible Words Part 1
26. Foundation Bible Words Part 2
27. Foundation Bible Words Part 3
28. Foundation Bible Words Part 4
29. Knowing God’s Will
30. Making Wise Decisions Part 1
31. Making Wise Decisions Part 2
32. Making Wise Decisions Part 3
33. Christ’s Great Commission
34. The Judgment Seat of Christ
35. Separation from the World – Part 1
36. Separation from the World – Part 2
37. Tests of Entertainment
38. Separation – Doctrinal Part 1
39. Separation – Doctrinal Part 2
40. Suffering in the Christian Life Part 1
41. Suffering in the Christian Life Part 2
42. Fasting
43. Miracles
44. A Testing Mindset
45. Tongues Speaking Part 1
46. Tongues Speaking Part 2
47. The Rapture
48. How to Be Wise with Your Money – Tithing
49. How to Be Wise with Your Money 2
50. The Believer and Drinking
51. Abortion
52. Evolution
53. The Sabbath
54. Dressing for the Lord Part 1
55. Dressing for the Lord Part 2