Our Ministries


We love children and welcome all ages! Nursery care, Sunday School, and Children’s Church are offered on Sunday mornings.  Vacation Bible School is something the children look forward to each summer, as well as special family activities and outings from time to time.


Our regular youth/college & career activities include a combination of games nights, planned events, outdoor activities such as sledding, skating, and hiking, as well as regular ministry opportunities. Each activity is designed to be fun within a safe environment and includes a time of Bible reading and reflection. To find out our current schedule of activities please view our Calendar or go to our Facebook page.


We offer individual Bible studies for anyone that would like to learn more about God’s Word. We have an assortment of Bible study programs and can tailor one to each age and spiritual development. We also offer our adults different avenues of service within the ministries of the local church.


The seniors in our church are very special to us and we appreciate them greatly for their wisdom and godly examples.  We hold outreach services for seniors in our community once a month at Riverbend Manor (third Sunday each month at 3 PM) and twice a month at Bedford Manor (second and fourth Thursday at 7 PM).

What is significant about the name Berean Baptist?

Our church named itself after the people of Berean which we read about in Acts 17:10-11. These were people who searched the scriptures daily to see if what they were taught was supported in scripture. They wanted to be sure everything they did had a scriptural basis.

Why is Berean an Independent Baptist Church?

We see no evidence from scripture that churches must belong to a fellowship of churches with a governing body. We have also looked at the historical evidence of churches that have become part of a fellowship and have seen a movement away from the aim and vision of the New Testament local church as laid out in scripture. Being an Independent Baptist Church does not mean that we do not fellowship with other churches of like faith rather it just means that we don’t have a governing body. There are thousands of Independent Baptist Churches across the world which basically all attempt to follow the doctrine and practices laid out in scripture. We try avoid adding man-made dogma to our services.